About Writing Web Site Copy

Writing web site copy... that can't be technical writing, can it? Actually, web site copy writing is perhaps the most creative part of the technical writing experience.

The Internet has created a serious need for people skilled at writing web site copy... well-researched, informative, and stimulating marketing copy for Internet business.

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Find Out How To Write For The World Wide Web!

Nowadays, your web site is often the first point of contact with potential customers. Your website is what will do the negotiating and convincing for you... not a brochure or TV sales pitch.

What your Internet visitor wants to see most is that friendly "face behind the counter." Well-crafted content and smart site navigation makes this happen.

Writing Web Site Copy Creates a Company's Presence

Content previously found in a company's "paper" newsletter or magazine ad is now the focus of their web site. Businesses that have always been "off-line" now recognize that their future, if they want to stay competitive, demands a presence "on-line".

Small businesses are noticing that the Internet has greatly leveled the playing field. Writing web site copy has become a real force in the business world. Any small business with a dandy website will outshine a big business with a substandard, expressionless website.

Meet The Newest Addition To Your Audience...

The Search Engine!

Writing the content of web pages is a bit different from other forms of copywriting. When you're writing web site copy, you must impress your site visitors AND the search engines! If you are already a skilled advertising copywriter, you'll learn to translate your sales and writing skills into effective web copywriting.

Your goals with web site copy writing are twofold:

    • to provide compelling, informative content
      for your online audience, and

  • to keep the content "optimized" for high ranking
    with the search engines

What Do We Mean By "Optimize"?

Simply speaking, it means when you're writing web site content, you strategically use certain targeted words that are relevant to the subject of your page...words which you know (through proper research) an Internet traveler will type in when searching for your page's information.

The search engine then "helps" the Internet traveler find relevant websites by showing her a list of web pages that use the "words" she's searching for. Ideally, your page appears somewhere in the top of that list!

Indeed, writing for web site copy optimization has become a craft all its own! A searcher speeds around the Internet and through different websites by searching on different words, until she finds her target.

Your objective while writing web site copy... whether it's to make a sale, create a new contact, or provide information... depends upon getting found by the right Internet travelers and then giving them what they want.

Give Your Readers Your Best Web Site Copy Writing...

Yes, search engines are important... but writing web site copy is mostly about people. The Internet's human audience is extremely vast and varied. As a web site content writer, you provide the expertise of analyzing and researching the business or service you are writing about. But the real key is how you share this information with your visitors!

There is no substitute for good, genuine writing. Web readers can be a curious audience... they'll scan a web page and are quick to click out if they don't see what they want. Write relevant, refreshing copy that will keep them with you!

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